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150 Year Anniversary

Visit the City of Pueblo in 2020 & join us in celebrating

2020 Will Be a Year to Remember

In honor of Pueblo’s 150th anniversary, we have many exciting events planned for the city throughout 2020. It all begins with a Kickoff Party on January 3rd at 5:00pm. Then, throughout the month of March, we’ll celebrate all the incredible restaurants that call our city home—look for $18.70 specials. And in the spring, we’ll host a city-wide celebration, and that’s all just to get us started. Check out our interactive calendar to see how you can participate and to learn more. Stay tuned!

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On behalf of the City of Pueblo, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the kickoff of the 150th Birthday of the City of Pueblo. The City will be participating and supporting the Downtown Association in all of their planned activities.

Pueblo has a long and proud history. People came from all over the world to make the steel that built the American West in Pueblo’s Steel Mill. Our immigrant ancestors came to Pueblo, many only teenagers, leaving their homes, some with only the clothes on their backs, guided by only their belief that they could find a better life. I am sure they were fearful of the unknown future they faced but that fear did not stop them from pursuing their dreams.

As we finish the second decade of the 21st Century, 150 years after the City of Pueblo was incorporated, and we confront the uncertainties and challenges of our time, it is important for us to remember where we came from and it is important that we rekindle that immigrant spirit of our ancestors. A spirit that says that with hard work and perseverance, nothing is impossible or beyond our reach.

Celebrating the 150th year of our incorporation is the perfect time for us to reflect on where we have been and to look to the future and where we want to go.

While we are still planning many of the activities to commemorate this milestone, I want to share with you some of the activities that have already been planned for this year.

In mid-March, we are planning to host the National Collegiate Bicycle Criterium in downtown Pueblo. We expect that 200 college athletes will compete in a two-day competition and that there will be professional riders participating as well. On Sunday, March 15th, we will host the first Mayor’s bike ride of the year on the Criterium course around Union and Victoria Avenues.

We are working with the Sister Cities Commission for an event in May to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our relationship with Puebla, Mexico.

We have established a committee to plan a summertime event and they will be meeting next week to continue their planning. They are considering a picnic, concert and other activities. We expect more information soon.

In July, we are planning a “Farm to Table” luncheon at the Pueblo Farmers Market in Mineral Palace Park in coordination with the Pueblo Food Project.

On September 2nd, at the Colorado State Fair, we are planning the second annual Mayor’s Day at the Fair which will feature a Farm to Table luncheon featuring products from Pueblo County. Mayors from all over the state will be invited to attend.

In September, we are planning a City Showcase at the Pueblo Convention Center which will showcase historical artifacts and equipment from the City of Pueblo with planned field trips for local schools and a community Open House.

As part of the celebration of our birthday, we are working with the Arts Center on a Festival Fridays event and we are working on producing a series of videos from businesses and citizens to showcase on social media and Channel 17.


There is still time to get involved in the planning of activities. You can contact my office if you would like to be involved.

Let me conclude by reiterating that in this year of celebration, it is the perfect time for us to reflect on our past and rekindle the spirit of our immigrant ancestors. They knew they were the masters of their destiny and if we rekindle their spirit, we will discover we are the masters of ours.

Thank you.

- Nick Gradisar
Pueblo Mayor

It All Started in 1870

Pueblo, Colorado first became a city in 1870, with a population of 666 intrepid individuals. The city had a public school, a flour mill, a church, court, newspaper, and little else. Just three years later, the population reached 3,500 and the rest is history! Over the years, our beautiful city has continued to grow and thrive, and that’s why we’re so excited to be able to celebrate our 150th anniversary as a city in 2020!

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If your organization would like to participate in Pueblo’s 150th anniversary celebration or you’d like to add an event to our calendar, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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